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Punta Arenas travel guide

Punta Arenas tourism | Punta Arenas guide

You're Going to Love Punta Arenas

Located in southern Chile's Patagonia region, Punta Arenas has captured the imagination of adventurers for centuries. On the Strait of Magellan, which links the Atlantic and the Pacific, the city draws cruise ships and hikers on their way to Antarctica.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Punta Arenas

When to Visit Punta Arenas

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The best time to visit Punta Arenas is during the summer months, November to December, which enjoy highs in the 50s. A windbreaker and sunscreen are recommended for the strong winds and intense sunlight.

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Where to Stay in Punta Arenas

The upscale Hotel Dreams del Estrecho features spacious rooms and an infinity pool, as well as a spa, a casino, and an excellent restaurant. The more modest Hostel Keoken, near downtown, provides cozy bedding and homemade baked goods for breakfast.

Popular Neighborhoods in Punta Arenas

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The Cost of Living in Punta Arenas

Shopping Streets

The duty-free Zona Franca has several blocks of electronics, sporting goods, perfume, clothing, spirit, and cigarette shops. Downtown streets off the Plaza de Armas sell handmade knitwear, woodworks, and stoneware from local artisans.

Groceries and Other

Hiper Lider sells staples and baked and take-out goods. Minimarket Vieille specializes in fruits, cured meats, and wines. Punta Arenas is relatively affordable. A gallon of milk averages CLP$2,737 and a dozen eggs is CLP$2,111.

Cheap meal
Cheap meal
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A pair of jeans
A pair of jeans
S$ 67.52
Single public transport ticket
Single public transport ticket
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S$ 4.55

Where to Eat in Punta Arenas

La Marmita, a casual Chilean eatery, features salads, casseroles, and seafood dishes, as well as vegetarian selections and take-out. Entrees average CLP$9,323. La Luna specializes in smoked pork chops and fried king fish. Entrees are around CLP$7,000.