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Shijiazhuang is a modern city and the capital of the Hebei province. With a population of 2.2 million, it is an important economic center and a busy transport hub. It has a frenetic atmosphere and makes a good base from which to explore Zhending, Yujiacun, and Cangyan Shan.

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Shijiazhuang has a continental monsoon climate, with warm, wet summers and cold, dry winters. Spring or fall are good times to visit.

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Where to Stay in Shijiazhuang

The Intercontinental on Huai'An East Road offers five-star accommodation in the center of the city, and the Jinjiang Inn on Ping'An Street has modern rooms close to the museum.

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Shopping Streets

Xin Bai and Dongfang are two of the main shopping areas, while Yuhua Wanda Plaza on Huai An Lu is one of largest and best malls.

Groceries and Other

A quart of milk in Shijiazhuang will cost ¥11.40 and a dozen eggs are ¥7.

Where to Eat in Shijiazhuang

Tu Da Ri on Zhongshan xi Road is a small restaurant serving local food at modest prices. Rehehuiguan Restaurant opposite the railway station offers excellent Manchu and Hebai Province dishes. You will pay around ¥10 for a meal in a low-key restaurant and ¥50 in an upscale establishment.