KAYAK ‘Best Time to Book’ From Singapore 2019

The earlier you book does not always mean you will find a better deal. According to KAYAK’s data analysis, result shows that travellers booking at the right time is way to go! KAYAK’s ‘Best Time to Book’ from Singapore 2019, can help Singaporean travellers to find the best deal for their top and trending destinations. Including a potential saving up to 50% for flights!

Thursday, 6am

Knowing travellers’ best interest lies in scoring the best travel deals to get the most bang for the buck, the world’s leading travel search engine, KAYAK analyzed millions of travel search data over the past two years (2017 & 2018) to predict the best time to book flights from Singaporeto top destinations, helping travelers to maximize a new year of annual leave days.

On average, Singaporean travellers get the best deal through booking around a month in advance to their top destinations

Meanwhile Singaporean travellers can save up to 46% on airfare to London if they book at the best time

As they say, “be an early bird and get the worm”. Waking up earlier on Thursdays at 6am, travellers will have a higher chance to find better flight prices, saving up more costs

Best Time To Book For Top International Destinations

Singaporean travellers’ favourite destinations still mainly lies around short-haul region, such as Bangkok, Hong Kong and Bali. And the best time to book flight deals to most of the popular destinations is around a month before.

For short getaways to Taipei, travellers can even book spontaneously last minute

If Singaporean travellers want to get the

RankingTop Searched International DestinationsBest time to book (months/weeks in advance)Potential Savings (%)Cheapest month to travel
1Bangkok2.5 months in advance 38%September
2Hong Kong1 month in advance 30%September
3Bali1 month in advance 11%November
4Kuala Lumpur1 month in advance30%May
5Seoul3.5 months in advance25%May
6Taipeilast minute 19%July
7Tokyo2 months in advance 15%September
8London5.5 months in advance 46%October
9Phuket0.5 month in advance17%September
10Ho Chi Minh City1 month in advance 28%October


When to Book: 2.5 months in advance

Hong Kong

When to Book: 1 month in advance


When to Book: 1 month in advance

Kuala Lumpur

When to Book: 1 month in advance


When to Book: 3.5 months in advance


When to Book: last minute


When to Book: 2 months in advance


When to Book: 5.5 months in advance


When to Book: 0.5 month in advance

Ho Chi Minh City

When to Book: 1 month in advance

Best Time To Book For Trending International Destinations

Trying to find inspiration for your next getaway? There are many options, even if you plan to fly in 2 week!

According to KAYAK’s analysis, Istanbul, Jeju and Medan’s best time to book are only half a month in advance, and travellers can save up to 23%

RankingTrending International Destinations Year-on-year change in search volumeBest time to book (months/weeks in advance)Potential Savings (%)Cheapest month to travel
1Berlin236%3.5 months in advance 31%November
2Istanbul210%0.5 month in advance29%March
3Osaka163%2.5 months in advance42%July
4Oslo142%1 month in advance31%October
5Jeju119%0.5 month in advance17%April
6Hat Yai114%1.5 months in advance36%February
7Helsinki111%6 months in advance50%November
8London111%5.5 months in advance46%October
9Medan99%0.5 month in advance23%May
10Montreal98%last minute4%February


When to Book: 3.5 months in advance


When to Book: 0.5 month in advance


When to Book: 2.5 months in advance


When to Book: 1 month in advance


When to Book: 0.5 month in advance

Hat Yai

When to Book: 1.5 months in advance


When to Book: 6 months in advance


When to Book: 5.5 months in advance


When to Book: 0.5 month in advance


When to Book: last minute

Money Saving Tip #1: Check Price Forecast before you book a flight

So you’re about too book your ticket, but there’s always that little nagging fear – what if the price suddenly drops tomorrow? Should you wait? But then, what if the fare goes up? Lucky for you, there’s KAYAK Price Forecast, a seemingly magical tool to help you guess if it’s a good time to book. KAYAK data scientists have studied years of flight data to gain an understanding of the factors that normally affect price fluctuation. Pretty brainy, huh? It’s not an exact science, but we’re pretty confident in it. Whenever you make a flight search, simply check the top left corner once the results have loaded – you’ll see a recommendation on whether to BUY NOW or WAIT. If it’s a good time to buy, grab your tickets while they’re hot! If not, cool your jets and wait for the price to go down in the next 7 days. You can also create an alert to make sure you know as soon as they do.

Money Saving Tip #2: Set up a Price Alert to get notified when price changes

Maybe you know exactly where you want to go but you’re not really concerned about the when, as long as you get a good deal. By setting up a KAYAK Price Alert, you can track prices for the hotels and flights you want. We’ll send you an email or a push notification whenever prices change. That way, you’ll know if it’s the right time to book. This is often a win for long-haul flights, which can sometimes have huge fluctuations in prices.

Money Saving Tip #3: Check if you can bring your luggage as a carry-on to save baggage fees

If you are travelling alone, chances are you probably just need a carry-on and don’t need to check them in. Our new Bag Measurement tool helps you calculate your bag’s size and know if it’ll fit in the overhead bin (or not) before you get to the airport so you can confidently breeze through check-in and not have to worry about having to pay extra fees to get your bags checked in.

Learn more :

But as we always say, if you see a good deal – book it.

Data methodology

Unless otherwise indicated, we considered searches conducted on the local KAYAK site between 2017/1/1 – 2018/11/15 for travel occurring between 2017/1/1 – 2018/11/15 for KAYAK “”Best Time To Book”” Travel Guide 2019. All flight searches are round-trip, economy, for 1 adult, based on a certain minimum click threshold. Potential savings are comparing the cheapest month with the most expensive month of booking in advance to the travel date. All potential saving claims are based on the prices found for these search dates and may change, vary with time.

Top Destinations: Flight destinations with the greatest number of searches.

Trending Destinations: Flight destinations ranked according to the greatest % YoY increase in search from the top 100 most searched destinations. Based on search dates 2018/1/1 – 2018/11/15 for travel dates 2018/1/1 – 2018/12/31, compared to corresponding period in the previous year (search dates 2017/1/1 – 2017/11/15 for travel dates 2017/1/1 – 2017/12/31)

Best Time To Book (Months In Advance): Only considered maximum of 6 months before departure date. Based on the same search parameters as above.