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Tainan travel guide

Tainan tourism | Tainan guide

You're Going to Love Tainan

Think New York is the only city that doesn't sleep? Tainan will make you seriously reconsider. With its thriving night markets, incredible street food, one-off finds in boutique stores, and historical monuments, a Tainan adventure has a little bit of everything to experience.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Tainan

When to Visit Tainan

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When visiting Tainan, note that November and December, as well as the months of March and April, are the best times to visit. Temperatures at this time are a pleasant 73. Winter is mild and dry.

Average temperatures
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When the weather is nice in Tainan

How to Get to Tainan

Airports near Tainan

KHH Kaohsiung

Airlines serving Tainan

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Where to Stay in Tainan

Book a few nights at Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and you'll stay in luxury. The popular Sendale Yong Fu Hotel is a great mid-range accommodation, and budget travelers will be able to rest easy at FuQi Hostel.

Popular Neighborhoods in Tainan

Where to stay in popular areas of Tainan

Most booked hotels in Tainan

How to Get Around Tainan

The Cost of Living in Tainan

Shopping Streets

For those who love malls and department stores, make sure to check out the variety at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. South of the main Tainan Railway Station are several smaller boutique stores.

Groceries and Other

A quart of milk costs NT$85 and a dozen eggs will run you around NT$60.

Cheap meal
Cheap meal
S$ 3.53
A pair of jeans
A pair of jeans
S$ 114.89
Single public transport ticket
Single public transport ticket
S$ 0.80
S$ 3.03

Where to Eat in Tainan

What can you expect in the "City of Snacks"? Check out eats like Dan Zai Mian and or coffin bread at Chihkan Peddler's Noodles, a family-owned, home-cooked restaurant. Dishes cost between NT$151-800.