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Córdoba (or "Qurṭubah" as it was known in Moorish times) is a history lover's dream. This beautiful Andalucian city boasts a wealth of Moorish and medieval sights, topped off by the extraordinary Mezquita, one of the world's greatest religious buildings.

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If you want to party with the locals, visit in late May for Feria. However, for sightseeing, April and early May are better, with fewer crowds. Summer is scorching hot, while the fall brings a little more rain, but is generally ideal for touring the sights.

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Where to Stay in Córdoba

Historical hotels like the Balcon De Córdoba and the Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailío offer rooftop terraces and beautiful rooms. There are also high-quality modern options like the Hotel Eurostars Palace.

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Shopping Streets

For the best shopping opportunities, head for Plaza de las Tendillas, where you'll find boutiques like Matilde Cano and La Ormiga. Check out Blas' Ceramics as well, for gorgeous pottery creations.

Groceries and Other

Local supermarkets include SuperAlCoop and Dia. Expect to pay around EUR1.80 for 12 eggs.

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Where to Eat in Córdoba

Córdoba is a great destination for tapas lovers. Check out Casa Mazal or La Fragua if you are near the Mezquita for some exceptional home-cooked Andalucian fare. Prices should be around EUR20 per head.

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