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Jerusalem travel guide

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You're Going to Love Jerusalem

In few places does the ancient blend with the modern as it does in Jerusalem. This historic city is holy to three of the world's religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, yet its incredible religious importance is only part of its status as a vibrant capital and cultural center.

Jerusalem's old city may earn most of the attention from guidebooks, but the many different neighborhoods of the city each contribute their own particular charm to the whole. Art, cuisine, nightlife, and more bring people from all over the world to this thriving urban center.

Whether you're interested in the city's ancient history, which stretches back well over 3,000 years, or in its lively markets, you'll be surprised by what you find in Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem has a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers (average highs around 90 degrees) and cold winters (average lows of about 40 degrees). Winters are also very wet, and snow does fall occasionally. Thus, spring and fall are the most pleasant times of the year to visit.

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Where to Stay in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has numerous hotels, with countless choices ranging from budget accommodation to luxury resorts. The Old City generally has the cheapest hotels, while West Jerusalem is home to newly constructed establishments. In the Old City, the Jerusalem Garden Guesthouse is well situated. St. Andrew's Scottish Guest House is a mid-range option, while the King David Hotel is perhaps the city's most famous establishment.

Popular Neighborhoods in Jerusalem

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The Cost of Living in Jerusalem

Shopping Streets

Shopping options abound in Jerusalem, but by far the most entertaining place to shop is the Old City. Here, travelers can expect to find just about anything from t-shirts to artwork. Haggling is expected. There are also pedestrian malls such as the one on Ben Yehuda Street and the Mamilla Mall. Clothing is not cheap in Jerusalem, with a pair of jeans running about ₪366, and a pair of sport shoes coming in at ₪267.

Groceries and Other

There are many grocery stores throughout Jerusalem, and the food is generally of high quality. Popular supermarkets include Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing and Shufersal Sheli Agron. Expect to buy apples at just over ₪4 a pound, while a loaf of bread should fetch about ₪7. Good wine can be had for ₪14 a bottle.

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Where to Eat in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a cosmopolitan city, so it should be no surprise to visitors that its cuisine is international in flavor. Falafel salads may be the most popular local food, but you'll be able to find dishes from around the world. Dinner for two usually runs around ₪130, and popular eateries include the Eucalyptus, which puts a new spin on so-called biblical cuisine, and Melech Hafalafel Shawarma.