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You're Going to Love Kawasaki (Kanagawa)

Nestled between Tokyo and Kyoto is Kawasaki, a relatively undiscovered gem in the collection of Japanese cities. Kawasaki is home to beautiful natural trails, revered Buddhist temples, and interesting cultural festivals. Visit in the spring and summer and you'll catch mesmerizing fireworks and outdoor celebrations.

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Kawasaki enjoys a mild and temperate climate year round. Because of this, the city experiences quite a bit of rainfall, even in the driest months.

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Where to Stay in Kawasaki (Kanagawa)

For those staying on a budget, the popular Toyoko Inn is a reliable franchise of hotels. For more comfort, check in to Hotel Noanoa. Or else, the Kawasaki Nikko Hotel is sure to satisfy you in luxury.

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The Cost of Living in Kawasaki (Kanagawa)

Shopping Streets

The Kawasaki-Daishi station is connected to a large shopping arcade. There is also the Lazona Kawasaki Plaza in the Saiwai-ku ward that will keep you plenty busy.

Groceries and Other

A quart of milk costs ¥196 and a dozen eggs will run you around ¥260, which is comparable to Tokyo prices.

Cheap meal
Cheap meal
S$ 9.56
A pair of jeans
A pair of jeans
S$ 83.60
Single public transport ticket
Single public transport ticket
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S$ 4.73

Where to Eat in Kawasaki (Kanagawa)

Whether you're passing through or staying a while, there are plenty of great places to eat. Stop by the Toritei, east of Kawasaki Station, for juicy yakitori skewers starting at ¥3,000 for two.

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