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6.8 Okay
Pros:The price was good and the service at the rental agency was very good.
Cons:The car was older, the tires were bald, and there was a faint tapping noise that increased with speed. The process to get to the actual agency wasn't very clear and so I had to call in 3 times. Laying out the pick up process (take the rental car bus to the rental car center, walk to the offsite shuttle pick up, then call the company to get you) on the website would help.
6.0 Okay
Pros:Prompt shuttle from airport, courteous staff, received upgraded car for free.
Cons:No after hours dropbox for keys (have to park in an offsite, third party garage for an extra fee), car was old and exterior was beat up (lot attendant exclaimed that it was "brand new!" as my husband marked off the many existing and large scratches and dings).
10.0 Excellent
Pros:Fast pick-up & drop-off at airport. No problems. No up-sale, friendly, fast in & out.
2.0 Bad
Cons:Our flight arrived a little late and they closed! We had to find another car rental at that time. We called and called they had not after hours number. On the next day we called and got a voicemail. We left a voicemail explaining what happened and asked to be called back - THEY DID NOT CALL BACK! We were in town for a funeral were under a lot of stress. This experience did not help at all. Pacific was not a good option for car rental in San Diego.
3.6 Poor
Pros:when booking rental cars I Alway book based on price not on company. This as served me well because 95% of the rental car companies have the same cars. This was the lowest price on car The staff was incredibly nice and friendly! Very helpful and understanding.
Cons:You get what you pay for... Shuttle does not run continuously. You have to call and they will send it. Did not realize this until I watched two of every other rental car shuttle drive by. Lot is towards downtown on an old gas station or service center lot. Could not have been more that 20 cars there. Cars did not look like they were very new. The one we were going to get had 66k miles on it. During the paperwork process they asked for a copy of my insurance. Ofcourse I did not have it. Then they wanted a policy number. They settled for the name of my insurance company but not without discussion. My departure flight was 6am. I was informed this would cost me an additional $15 because they don't open until 8am. Also I'd have to drop the car off at a public parking garage down the street. Not my idea of a secure checkout. They people here were super nice and friendly, would probably work if you were downtown San Diego and just needed a car for a couple days or two. If you're coming from the airport and expecting a normal rental car experience this not the place to rent from.
2.0 Bad
Cons:When we got to the place we were being helped by a woman and she was going through all the information and everything was fine. then about 2 min in another man comes out and says "this is only for local, this is only for local." we were like ok and kept going. then the man starts to talk over the lady that is helping us and eventually kicks the lady off of the computer and takes over. The man ask if all I have is a debit card and I tell him yes. He then says there is a $600 deposit. Let me say that again a 2-day rental at $38 and he wanted a $600 deposit. Now my mom who was with me used to work at Hertz car rental down the street and knows the industry. I am in school studying to be a lawyer. I asked the man to show me ANYWHERE ON MY CONFIRMATION EMAIL OR ANY LINK WHERE THERE IS A $600 DEPOSIT. He could not show me anything anywhere. I hold his company Pacific and your company as well responsible for doing business with a company of this sorts. I hope that my treatment was not because of my skin color, but I still do not know why this man had to insert himself into my transaction in the first place, and he could not show me anything in writing in regards to a $600 deposit.
3.2 Poor
Pros:Aside from the general shady feel/impression I had, nothing "bad" actually happened. Additionally, the guy who shuttled me from the airport and back to the airport was friendly and gave me some information about the city and things to do.
Cons:1. Bus doesn't pick you up unless you call them to come pick you up. 2. The car you get is not like advertised on The option I picked said "Hyundai Elantra or Similar," or something to that extent. The picture shown was that of a new, or relatively new, car. When I went to pick up my car, the first car offered to me was a mid-2000s Kia Spectre that looked like it was about to break down. Upon complaint, they re-did the contract and told me they had corrected the mistake. Upon inspection of the contract, the car being offered was a 2005 Kia Amanti which looked even older. Upon further complaint, they walked outside with me and told me that I could pick from any car they had available, but that everything I saw was what my selection was limited to. I ended up with a 2012 Malibu with about 70k miles on it, but at least it didn't smell like smoke. 3. Insurance. I felt very mislead with dealing with them with insurance. When I arrived, I asked about the option to purchase insurance that I was given on It was something like $9/day. When I brought it up, requesting insurance so that I could totally and completely avoid involving mine in the event of any accident, they told me that insurance was $14.99 for the whole duration. This sounded good, but already weary I again re-read the contract. The insurance being offered would only serve as secondary insurance to my insurance. I again complained, and again the contract was modified. This time, they told me the insurance would serve as primary insurance, but by this time the price had jumped from $116 for a thursday-sunday to about $210. Again, I re-read the modified contract and noticed that this increased rate carried a $1,500 deductible. I this time expressed that I wanted complete coverage so that in the event of some unfortunate event, I was covered. They asked what my provider's deductible was, and I told them it was $1,000. They crossed out the $1,500 on the contract with a pen and wrote $1,000. Feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the insurance protection they were offering, I told them I wanted to opt out of insurance with them. They printed a final modified contract which is what I ultimately signed. 4. Cancellation. This one wasn't too surprising, but they wouldn't let me cancel the reservation without penalty. I noticed while waiting for them that two blocks away there were 3 other car rental providers which I had decided I'd rather pay more at. They told me that failure to rent would result in a full day being charged against my car as a late cancellation penalty. In summary, Pacific seemed shady, low quality, and very misleading. I learned a lot about what to be cautious of in renting a car and will never be renting from a Pacific again. It's much more assuring to pay an extra 5-10/day and rent from a more reputable and well known car rental provider.
2.0 Bad
Cons:I booked a car to take a road trip to Arizona based on Unlimited mileage claim on the booking. When I went there to pick up the car I was told that they dont allow people to take cars outside San Diego and unlimited mileage is only for people flying in to San Diego. After long discussion on the terms and conditions emailed to me they decided they could seek approval for extra miles however the rental cost was doubled. Enterprise gave me a better deal than their price and that too without the hassle of where I want to take the car. The staff is non-courteous and I would rather stay away from this place.
2.0 Bad
Cons:Pacific charged me twice as much as they estimated on Kayak. If that had been the extent of it, I may have left it alone. The day after I returned my car, however, the manager called to tell me that there is a "new scratch" on the front bumper. The car they rented to me was already scratched up, so I assumed he had gotten something confused and I could simply send the pictures I had snapped of the car before driving away from the lot. He sent me pictures of a car I'm not convinced is the car I rented, with a big scratch in the bumper, and asked that I have my lawyer call him. I have never felt so mistreated by a company. I'm certain that I had nothing to do with a scratch in the car I rented, and after consulting Yelp I noticed that Pacific has pulled this same stunt with at least one other customer. Do yourself a favor and stay far away.
2.0 Bad
Cons:The company advertises unlimited mileage, however the rentals have major mileage restrictions. Rentals can only be driven locally and the rate is $.99/mile after 200 miles.

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